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About me 

I'm Dannielle

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I was always the one who  was a bit different. Thinking bigger than I could see and dreaming wilder than anyone knew how to handle. To say i was misunderstood is an understatement. The thing is... I knew there was more!

God said there was more, so I was going for the more...


Divine Intervention

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My passion for leadership and business started in 2012 but it wasn't until 2014 I had a leadership crisis that interrupted my small life to bring BIG transformation. Any big dreamer knows that leading yourself is the first step to external success. I also understand how it can feel to not have the physical, mental and spiritual support to step out in confidence into what you know is possible. Now listen it hasn't all been sad! I've had great mentors and friendships but not all of those were in alignment to where I was created to go. I spent so much time trying to convince people of my vision, shed so much tears attempting to prove I could lead a business and spent so many years constantly second guessing who I was and what I had.


Beautiful things happen when you know who you are

Dance captain on Olympic Opening Ceremony

whilst running a company. Choreographed an arena tour but recognised issues in leadership.


A massive downward spiral in personal life and

went into a leadership Crisis in my company

Felt like quitting the dance industry. 

But Opportunities kept coming. Hit a turning 

point when I left the company I was in as a veteran in for 14 years.


Choreographed a west end production whilst pushing through one of the most hostile times in my life


Got burnt on my face and 2nd degree burns on my hand 2 months before my wedding.

Got married, suffered severe weight gain then went on to choreographed a production. I 

worked on my money mindset and built my first program and which made £1350.


Working as resident director on the West End, building my business in the background. Global pandemic, losing the role. Investment in coaching. Structuring my business, built a team,  and helped 100 creative entrepreneurs expand their vision and build their businesses.



Feeling like I was flourishing in leadership and work reflected it.


Lost friendships and walked away from friendships. I went on a spiritual searching journey and cried most days of that year. 


Broke my hand and put on weight. I also had a business idea I pushed away


Imposter syndrome toward my business, I dived into personal development. Travelled with one of my businesses, attended a Boss Babes retreat and actually found the coach I needed.

I Coach Female Visionaries. Leaders who think big and need to be empowered to go for it. We focus on the expansion of the vision they are currently building and cultivating that into legacy impact.

Dannielle is a fearless leader with a great passion to see others succeed and exceed their potential. An amazing encourager, visionary and support; she knows just the right ways and tools to guide you to be your best and truest self. Since having her as my mentor and coach my mindset has shifted to think bigger and better; which has not only enabled me to smash personal goals, but also realise how much more capacity I have to break boundaries and go beyond.



Jackie Kibuka


Founder & Writer

Real Authentic and Winning

Today, as an empowerment visionary coach who has the unique ability to catch your vision even if you're unsure of it all yourself, I get to help you take the gold you do have and astonishingly maximise it into what you couldn't see possible. Working with creative entrepreneurs from all around the world has given me the insight to help you uncover the possibilities on a world wide level and feel supported as you build the vision you were created to. 

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Heres how I can support you.

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Activate your Courage

"This book is Powerful. It had me laughing out loud and emotional. It felt like a marvel film in a book"

In this book you will go on a journey of discovery and recovery. Read through the life lesson and follow the prompts to access your own courage. Each chapter has a call to action so that you can be intentional about your courageous growth.


I coach Female Visionaries. Leaders who think big and need to be empowered to go for it. We focus on the expansion of the vision they are currently building and cultivating that into legacy impact.

My mission is to be a light that reveals deeper vision for your life. A voice that edifies and empowers the world changing you, to not just think big but to live big. It is to serve you and initiate growth within you on your journey to success and encourage you to walk in hope and immense passion about your purpose. So that you can see, feel and walk in the identified champion God has called you to be as you create, innovate and collaborate with Him on the treasure within you.

As a mentor and inspiration to artistic individuals for over 20 years Dannielle factors in the beauty of colouring outside the lines, whilst encouraging a structure that has brought success to creative entrepreneurs from all around the world. Come uncover the the mysteries of your vision on a world wide level and feel supported as you build what you were created to. 

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