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I'm Dannielle 

I support women to cultivate their

Creative Artistry.

Creative Thinking.

Creative Living.

This space is to empower women to be bold in the pursuit of greatness. 

I believe that Personal development and Mastering our mindset breeds Courageous Creativity.

Whether you're wanting to understand more of yourself as a creative, or whether you are building your creative Empire. The IMPower Movement is designed to move you upwards!


- The Creative SuperHero

Cultivating Courageous Creativity 

I have been in the entertainment industry for 20 years. 


Credentials include.. Artistic Director - Zoonation Youth Company Birmingham, Choreographer - 'In the Willows' ,  Performer 'Into the Hoods' - West End, Choreographer -'Into the Hoods Remixed' , Actress - 'Street Dance 3D', Dance Captain & Assistant choreographer - 'Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012', Associate Choreographer & Resident Director- 'Everybody's talking about Jamie' - West End, Associate Choreographer & Dancer - 'Everybody's talking about Jamie The Movie', Dancer & Associate Choreographer - 'Diversity arena tours',  Choreographer - 'EVERYbody Selfridges', Artistic Director & Choreographer, 'Boadicea Dance Company', Choreographer - 'Got to Dance Sky One', Mentor & Judge - BBC Young Dancer', Director - 'Groove on down the road',

Dancer - 'Rita Ora', Dancer - 'Boy Blue's Pied Piper', Mentor 'Women after Greatness'.


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Working as a dancer has taught me many lessons, but becoming a choreographer is where I learnt leadership. When I took my gift of choreography seriously, that expanded my reach, my experience and enriched my life greatly. Yes bringing the vision of movement to life is amazing, but there is so much more. 

The endless conversations about identity in creativity, how one finds the flow of their life and all round sustains their artistry whilst growing as an individual is profound. I personally find it fascinating how many creatives live below their potential because of the way they think. We as creatives, are phenomenal beings, often taking nothing and forming something. Taking a space and filling it with colour, ordinary to extraordinary. That is creative magic, and yet; we struggle to lead ourselves. Personally developing our character, dlow expectation for what we can really achieve with in our lives. What we do should pay more than our bills, and what we do, isn't who we are. 

I challenge you to expand your thinking, I challenge you to stretch your heart and I challenge you to be more courageous in your creativity. 


Inspiring and bringing purpose to women around the globe.

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