Hey Artist...
Welcome to the mentorship room. If you're here, you are probably feeling like...
You're ready for something new in your industry, but not sure what it is...
You've done all you can, but now need someone who has gone ahead of you for support...
You have some ideas about where you want to go, but are wondering if they make sense...
Or you could be feeling a little lost altogether...
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I can tell you, I've had all the feels.

I'm Dannielle aka Rhimes and in the arts and entertainment industry, I am a Choreographer with nearly 2 decades worth of experience. I'm a Movement and Co-Director, and I'm Associate Director of Zoonation: The Kate Prince Company.

Dannielle is an amazing mentor and teacher. Someone who has really helped bring out the more confident me.

These sessions made me more committed to my purpose 


The Mentorship helped me find a sense of direction and really pushed me to think deeper about my habits. For anyone who feels lost or stuck this is perfect for you.

The mentorship with Dannielle has been a huge catalyst. I'm moving forward as a creative professional with courage and excitement. I encourage anyone who needs to get unstuck to get on board!

If you're feeling like mentorship is what you are needing, check out the packages below.

Booking doors are open now until 31st May


1 Session - 30 minutes 

Email Communication

Goal Setting & Accountability

Looking forward to supporting you.

For any question email here


2 Sessions  2x 30 minutes

Email Communication

Goal setting & Accountability

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