The 4 week Vision Intensive for creative entrepreneurs to clarify to your vision and discover your hidden business. 
It's time to uncover your strengths, see how the gold in you has money making potential, create your own niche and map out your goals.

Knowing what your own vision is, can sometimes be a hard thing to suss out, that, along with the feeling of “it’s already been done” can often have you not doing anything at all. But even worse than that, you can feel like “it’s not the right time” or that you’ve “missed your moment”

I invite you to ditch that way of thinking and recognise, this here and now IS your time!

I'm Dannielle aka Rhimes - The Creative Superhero! I was once a mess when it came to my vision! But when I got clear my mess became my message! That is exactly what you're about to learn in this program! There is still time to step into living on purpose, with purpose and being absolutely clear whilst doing it. Come take a deep dive into building clarity around what you're passionate about and practical ways of stepping into it like no one else can. Oh and, getting paid for it!

This is for you if... feel there is something more for you, but don't feel like you have the right tools to make it happen. find yourself thinking about what could be and feel lost in what is.'re not satisfied building someone else's dream, knowing that you have your own.'re ready to step into your purpose and build your vision on purpose.'re over feeling disorganised and like things are not working. You're ready to get things done! feel it's time to know the 'how to' that will make it happen. want the kind of creative career that is unique to you and can sustain the life you want to live. 

You will walk away with... 





Clarity on how to take your vision to the next level vision.

Expansion of your vision and how you can turn it into a business.

Practical ways to breakdown goals and a strategy to makeit happen.

A rock solid mindset to step into position and bring it to fruition.

Step into Position


10am - 1pm

Mindset Makeover -

- Understand how fear isn't ruling you, and how your mind is trying to keep you in your comfort zone.


- Look at any mental and physical blocks that could be stopping you and discover how they are a part of your success story.


- Get all the wonderful ideas out of your heart and on to something tangible so that you can see just how powerful your vision is.

Treasure Hunt - Desires

- Connect to your desires and break down all the areas where you know you are set to do big things.

- Reignite wonderful ideas in your heart and get them onto something tangible so that you can see just how powerful your vision is.

- Ignite the passion once again to go for your dreams.

Creative Discovery

- Take the talents and skills you have and create your own distinct niche.


- Build clarity as you use my practical tools to enhance your discovery.

- Understand what your strengths are, and why the world needs what you and your vision.

Foundation & Positioning

- Understanding the strategy necessary for walking out your vision.

- Factor in what the essentials are to getting it mapped out and accomplished,

- Have a live Q & A with Dannielle. 

For Your Information...

- This is a base level to our programs and helps creatives build strength around themselves and their vision in order to be unapologetic about what they are building. 

- Included is email support which I personally will respond to, with in 24 hours. 

- This is a journey to support your transition, growth, levelling up and everything you are currently in, not an added weight but incredible support.

- This is the best decision you will make to finally put yourself, your vision and your future first. 

- We also warn you, you could discover a hidden business. :) 

We've got you covered. Trust the process, have faith you can do it and know we've got your back!

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