Are you a creative with a biz who is ready to expand & leverage?

You have an idea you're ready to actually turn into a business...

You want to use the skills you have to actually make money and work for yourself...

You're wanting to build a program or course where you can add value to others...

You want to build a business system that can help you expand...

You know what you have could change the lives of others...

You no longer want to let excuses stop you from what you know you can achieve...

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"I feel lost"

"I don't know how to build it"

"I just need someone to bounce my idea with"

"I need to work out the logistics"

"Can I really build this?"

"What do I put on my website?"

"How do I build my community?"

"What do I charge?"

"Is this any good?"

These are just some of the things new and aspiring creative entrepreneurs say when they know they should be playing big, but are stuck in the logistics and simply overwhelmed

with what needs to be done!

This is exactly where I come in. 

Getting your business moving and helping you with all your colourful drips along the way

Breaking down your product or service. Putting together the format, delivery route and all the little bits in between so that your product or service is powerful and effective.

Getting clear on who your ideal client is, what they need and how to communicate it to them, so that you're serving exactly who you want to be serving and attracting who you want to be attracting.

Breaking down your price points and being confident in your fee and price points are, so that what you're asking for is what you should be. 

Having Live Q & A to get feedback and an exclusive mastermind so that you can get the best support in the building of your bespoke business.



Dannielle is a visionary coach who was once told, she had no vision. Her desire is to see the gold in others come to the surface and shine. Empowering 1000s to see their greatness, 100's to cast their visions wider and supporting her community to build their business whilst keeping in creative. 


Dannielle will walk you through mindset training, help you dig out your gold, support you in your vision strategy and empower you to be who you are called to be. 

With firm faith and a loving hand Dannielle will help you not only think big but build big.

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Meet Your Head Coach

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Anna Bors

Anna is a Social Media expert and Facebook ads & Marketing strategist. Her passion is to support the growth of our clients and see them build strategies that drive their businesses forward long term.

With a background of supporting an eclectic array of business, Anna is perfect to support our wide range of colourful businesses and help you build the visibility you need.

It's your big vision but you don't have to build it alone!

The Colourful Biz Society is a 6 month mastermind that is packed with resources, play books and playlists to usher you into your creation. We've worked out what you need so that all you get to do is apply it and our mastermind slack channel means you get ongoing support from like minded individuals as well as myself. 

We're also looking forward to sharing bonus support and exclusive price points to all other IMPower Products and services.

Are you ready to...

  • Establish your bespoke product or service and become the expert in your own field, so that you are no longer going against the next person but being known for what only you can do?

  • Build the steps to a successful creative career, so that you wake up excited about your life as you create it?

  • Unlock creative money blocks and be bold about setting your pricing, so that you can feel in control of the finances in your business and have the flexibility that you want.

  • Have the support your brand needs so that your need playing the guessing game but your building for purpose and on purpose.

  • Not only understand your ideal client but truly connect with them so that you can provide the kind of outstanding value that impacts their life and yours.



Founder @ Katie's Photography

Dancer, Photographer

The Mastermind Program

Here we use the DLM Method.

3 Area's to build yourself, your business and your relationships.

The Deep

  • Your Creativity

  • Your Imagination 

  • Your Vision 

The Life 

  • Your Why

  • Your What

  • Your Way

The Mindset

  • Your Self-Belief

  • Your Faith

  • Your Money 

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Support building your product or service, community and access to resource bank

Marketing Strategy Coaching

Image by Gustavo Lanes

Mindset training and

money mindset course materials

Image by Emma Matthews Digital Content P

Weekly calls including strategy, vision, mindset.

Image by Kiana Bosman

The Creative Room -

Build and Expand Your Vision 

Image by Lauren Mancke

Social media and content creation trainings


Founder @ Imaginarium 

'I have no time'

If you feel you're lacking time to work on dreams, creative, we have a problem. It's time to take authority over your space, your peace and your life; so that you can have freedom for the things you love. This transition will open you up to seeing just how much control over your own time you do have. 

Don't give in to Excuses

'I don't have the money'

Not feeling like you have the money is usually related to mindset. You were not made to process from lack, you also have the ability to create your reality with the right tools. We will teach you how to think and work from a place of opportunity. It's never been a more important time to have your own thing, time and money won't wait. Build your empire!

'I'm afraid' 

Hero, sure you could fall! But what if you fly! Our minds love to keep us safe, and here we show you just how much they do. Again, often from a place of lack thinking. When we bet on ourselves, we learn courage and resilience. It's time to soar, so that you can take back the control over your life, your vision and your mind and start living in your full power. And remember we have been there and here you're taking all of our best bits!


Creative, Dancer, Encourager

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it?

6 Month Investment - £499.50 per month / £2090 Paid in full.

12 Month Investment - £499.50 per month / £5600 Paid in full.

When does the mastermind start?

We open our waiting list twice throughout the year. You can join the waiting list here. 

How long is the mastermind?

For us to really support you in your business, we suggest a minimum of 6 months. The Mastermind runs for 12 months with the option to continue to be supported.

What if I miss a live training, is there a way to catch up?

Yes, all of your trainings are recorded so you can watch them back and you will have access to them for the duration of your time in the course. We are connecting on a private platform where all materials are stored for your access. Plus you have access to all workbooks and resources materials.

How do I get access to the training workbooks? 

All your workbooks and materials are stored in an online platform to which you will have access once you join.

Can I stop the mastermind at anytime?

Changing your life is a journey and we have committed to building a mastermind that will take you on that journey and will transform your life. Therefore we want individuals to commit to 6 months.

We know life can happen and if you do enquire problems you can email.

This mastermind is for you if...

You're serious about taking yourself and your vision to the next level.

You're ready to be committed to yourself and your dream.

You will show up and plug into all aspects of the course as much as possible.

You have a goal you want to reach even if you don't know how.

You want to make more money.

This mastermind is not for you if...

You do not have a vision.

You do not have any goals you want to reach.

You have no desire to change.

You are content living in mediocrity.

You do not believe in investing in your future.

If you wish to ask any questions, simply email -