Everyone has a Mission to complete

A super hero sharing a story, well a human recognising the power that is within and sharing her top tips on being a Super Hero. The Power is in us all.

"I, with all my fast and furious efforts, swung the car around and followed before meeting them in a small greenery where armed forces had gathered to secure the Tony Blair who was apparently near by.. And that was the Random part.."


I know my above image is a little dramatic but I promise you, we're going somewhere with this.

I want to tell you one of my many stories about having to step up to an unplanned situation and do something I love. Being a Hero. I used to pin point this as such a negative thing, because those who do not like to be a hero would put me down or pin point it as a need to be centre of attention.

That is not the point.. before I talk about the point, here's the story.

About 2 years ago, I was returning to my home city, London. I had been sharing dance knowledge and teaching workshops and was feeling tired but my then boyfriend and I had decided we were going to have a romantic dinner. Which often involved him cooking it. Meeting him as planned as the famous Euston station, we jumped in the car and made tracks toward's home. As we pulled up at the lights, our eyes instantly engaged on to a young man snatch who had snatched a purse from a woman in street. She screamed, I yelled and my now husband, jumped out of the car. This was all happening so fast but my instincts just kept stepping in place of reality. I grabbed his door closed, over took a few black cabs and ran a red light in a hope to catch the "villain" on a side road. Just as I turned in to the said side road here came my 'villain' lobbing right into my car bonnet. Side note, I stopped the car before he hit it.

As I was saying, he hit the bonnet, stepped back and jumped right over it.. My superhero lover then jumped over and continued to chase him, along with an overwhelmed and terrified 'victim'.I, with all my fast and furious efforts, swung the car around and followed before meeting them in a small greenery where armed forces had gathered to secure Tony Blair who was apparently near by.. And that was the Random part..

As a massive comic fan, its natural to want to be a hero right? And those with the personality trait of a 'Mover' have this built in. Super hero's are Problem Solvers. They see the issue and their instincts kick in to bring solutions, safety and peace.




Super hero’s, essentially Solve Problems. They see the issue and they feel the pull to solve it. But they do not view the issue as a problem, they actually view it as a Mission. This changes their perspective from ‘Oh my Gooooosh we have a problem’ to ‘Ok what do I need to do’ If you don’t know by now perspective can change everything.


This is usually an automatic one, where we know exactly what to do but not everyone has instincts that just kick in! Sometimes you actually have to train yourself to first think, what should I do and what should I use. When instincts kick in, Super Hero's use what is around them to add to completing the Mission.


Super Hero’s aren’t super for no reason, but super doesn’t have to be far away fantasy for us. We all have the capacity to work at an excellent level of consistency. Even when it looks like things are not working out. How many movies have you seen where our beloved Super hero is at the brink of failure, coming to a bitter end and then out of nowhere they switch it up. Hardships come but it is in these moments we must choose consistency.


Just a little insight incase you don't watch super hero movies. Often where you see one super hero you’ll see their posse. Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor etc all think differently, fight differently, have different powers and tools but they are all people who want the same goals. To achieve their Mission. Where one is weak in an area another fills in the gap.


This has to be my favourite part about being a super hero. It is about serving the people, most people have no idea how valuable, beautiful and developing of self a servant heart is. Servanthood is the first point of strong leadership. Often (in the movies) humanity doesn’t see what they need, they often make their decisions based upon the feelings of what they want. Being a superhero, servant, leader and in order to complete your mission; you will often need to do what is best for those you are serving regardless of how they treat you or feel in the time of crisis..  The bottom line is this, we are all capable of walking in greatness, maybe your mission isn’t as dramatic as the next person, does that mean you shouldn’t still aim for excellence?  Start to think about where you want to be in a years time or even 2 years time as a person. Write it down and then begin to implement the traits bit by bit. Eventually you will see yourself acting intuitively more often, being more confident and completing more of your Missions. Let out your inner Super Hero. Love R x

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