The Voice Inside

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SO, something crazy and amazing happened last week! It literally filled me with hope and I just had to share!

But first I need to set the scene so you understand the depth of it!

Last week was crazy! I was knackered, why? Mostly because I let my organisation slip mildly and this threw me off course. I spent most of the week trying to get myself back on track, whilst still having to keep on going!

My main trade of work involves me working as a Choreographer and Director and I love it! But there are other things that light me up like the I M Power Platform, running an ecommerce business and network marketing! I Enjoy it ALL!

Here's the thing that is paramount in my life, organisation and scheduling! If I do not have these 2 things worked out for my days I can quickly tire myself out and feel like I'm chasing instead of leading.

This particular day, was that kind of day. It had finally hit, the hour of heading home, instead, I realised I had parked my car in the shopping centre for the day whilst I traveled around central London. I would now need to get through the hustle and bustle of the late evening shoppers to get the car and get home. Maaaaan! Ok, Pull it together!


I finally exited the train, barely walking straight but pierced in my stomach with the weight of discomfort. What is this I thought to myself. Sprung up out of nowhere! You know that felling when you just know something is wrong but have no idea what!

I finally hit the shopping centre, determined to get to the car, but I kept hearing this still small voice saying 'water, get some water' and that heavy felling in the pit of my stomach and so I obeyed.

Clutching 2, 2 litre bottles of Marks & Spenser water, I finally made it to the the lifts. As I lifted my foot to step into the lift that seemed to take ages to come, a mother swarmed past me with her bugging, baby crying, her crying and mumbling.. 'I've lost everything'

Everything in my tightened and WOKE UP! 'Are you ok!?' Wait, of course she's not ok, she's bloody crying! Start again, 'Whats happened? Do you need help?'

She continued mumbling 'Everything, I've lost everything in toilets, I'm so stupid, oh my mother was right'

Now, let me just say something, I really wanted to go home, but I couldn't. This was the every reason why I had to go to get water in order for our paths to meet. And this was the root of the feeling in the pit of my stomach!

We made our way to the 2nd floor toilets where she hoped she would find the £250 shopping she came on the train from Leicester to get! No Luck!

3rd floor toilets... Still no Luck! 1st Floor guess what, no luck!

20 minutes prior, I was struck by this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach, seemingly right when she realised she had left her shopping.

Now, you might be thinking, well, she's not dying, she hadn't lost her phone or purse or her child! But lets be real, we can sweat the small stuff. And she travelled late afternoon from out of the city arriving late evening (she still had to get back)

She sobbed, and I continued to correct the negative things she spoke over herself. Its so interesting how we will make a mistake and then tell ourselves we ARE the mistake... as oppose to simply realising we MADE a mistake.

As we made it to one concierge to the next, I had become a mother calmer as well as a baby calmer. We eventually got told there was nothing they could do and her shopping was gone!

We exchanged details and 45 minutes later I got in my car and sobbed!

Was it the lost shopping? I'm sure the coat she bought was BEAT! And the make up Amazing! and every garment on POINT! But my tears were 2 things...

God, how could she speak so horribly about herself and God, what is with the world.

And so, I was challenged to pray. I spoke through tears for the people. That someone's heart might be softened and hand in those things and that she might recognise that God is with her and she is beautiful!

Forward to the next morning, I received an Instagram message which read..

"I got the best news ever after leaving you. I decided to ask the officer in a green overcoat what I can do. Straight away he got on his walkie talkie and did a call out to all the cleaners and within seconds one replied saying she has it"

I told her that as soon as I left, I prayed that your things would be returned and so this is truly amazing and God cares!


My Bottom line...

Helping others is why we are here, to serve to the best of our ability, but also having faith and hope is so important. When I walked around with this young mum it was shocking, people's reactions and how many didn't even care to help! And I mean even the way this concierge spoke to her, the faces looking at her. There is a massive desensitised mentality but we are first and foremost human.

SO, I want to say to you. If there are things you are hoping and praying for. Don't quit! They may not come as fast as one prayer.. it may take a while but trust the timing. I believe Gods timing is perfect! And things happen when we need them to but also never ignore the still small voice that is inside.. You may not be able to decipher it clearly but be still and know that He will bring you revelation that will

help those around you and encourage you greatly!

Stay Blessed

Dannielle AKA Rhimes

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