Creatives feel things differently. They access a deep and vulnerable place that is necessary for their practise. It is only when they tap into their true creative flow, do they make work that makes impact. 

They are constantly having opinions and judgement thrown at them, and having to be at the beck and call of those they are trying to impress in their industries.


Low self esteem

No self belief

Low confidence

Disempowering beliefs

Negative thinking

... these are a few of the things we kick to the curb in our memberships; but what you gain. Is so much more!


'It should be a consistent and daily choice to stay empowered! Doing these sessions  changed the course of my career'

Toni-Marie Happe

Dancer, Model, Host, Presenter.

The Empowerment Room Ambassador


I'm just a queen adjusting your crown


Empowerment coach to women like you.

"Creativity takes courage and courage is a by product of fear. The biggest weapon against fear is Love. And that's a legacy I want to leave with you"

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With 2 decades of experience in the arts and entertainment industry, over 10 years experience as a leader, 3 years in online business space and 1 heart for empowered change. Dannielle is a woman on a mission to reveal the gold in individuals. Mentorship has always been a core value to Dannielle, drawing on her many different experiences she is the founder of IMPower Creatives and offers a vast amount of value in this community.

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When it comes to self esteem, productivity, self worth, money mindset and just about everything.

It all starts with the mindset.

Here at IMPower I am committed to helping you develop your mind, your emotional well-being, your awareness, your understanding and your creativity.

That mindset sets the pace of everything else.

I believe...

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No more guessing, comparing or judging yourself, it's time to get in a community that will call out the gold in you!


Heres how it works.

Power Pad VIP Membership


Access to…


Monthly Live Empowerment Room

This is a monthly training focused on specific characteristics and uncovering mindset blockages with Dannielle and guests. This is our powerful growth call.

The Creative Resources

Resources to help equip you develop your creativity and bring a deeper level of knowing to yourself.

Money Mindset Tools

Tools to help you become aware of your money mindset and make changes that bring more abundance into your life


- Input on what you want to have training on 

- Private community access



How long do I need to subscribe for?

This is our monthly membership and can be cancelled at any time. But like with all things, the more you are surrounded by something is the more you become more like it.

How much is the membership?

The Membership is £29 per month

What is included in the membership?

Scroll up to see whats included.

Do I get 1:1 time with Dannielle?

No, this membership includes some group coaching and therefore does not include 1:1 sessions. If you would like to find out whether private coaching is for you, you can apply here.

Further questions can be emailed to