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In this membership you will get...


1 Live Empowerment room per month.


Access to the Mastery Mindset Masterclass


The Mini Mindset Mover online training


Access to Module 1 & 2 of our Money Mindset course


The Growing You mini course 


The Creative playbook - with built in guided Creative Meditation


IMPower Goal setting tool


IMPower Journalling tool


VIP community access


Our 90 minute Empowerment Room with Dannielle and guest trainers is every 3rd Wednesday of the month 19:30pm - 21:00pm, we plug into mindset and personal development. 


Discounts and resources specfic to our community. 


Once you have signed up, your first payment will be take immediately and scheduled to come out the same day of each month. 


We asre so looking forward to do this journey with you. 


IMPower Power Pad Membership